The Crossing at Garwood

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MTH Railking 30-2689-1 N&W GP-9 with Proto-Sound 2.0

MTH Premier 20-5605-1 Virginian E33

MTH Premier 20-5596-1 Virginian EL3 Jack Shaft (Cancelled)

MTH Premier 20-3072-1 N&W Y6b


MTH Premier 20-2647-1 N&W F-7 A-B-A Set

MTH Premier 20-3123-1 N&W USRA 0-8-0

MTH Premier 20-3150-2 Virginian USRA 0-8-0

Weaver U4321 Virginian 40' Stock Car

Weaver U2137 N&W PS-1 40' Box Car

Weaver U20005 N&W 40' Steel Side Double Door Box Car

Weaver U21809 N&W 50' Flat Car with Stakes

MTH Premier 20-93371 N&W 40' Single Sheathed Box Car